Polish students get lesson in kindness from across the world

Modern technology is helping students have multi-cultural conversations from opposite sides of the world.

Poland Middle School held a joint Skype session with a school in India on Tuesday.

The session was held to talk about important issues that many cultures experience such as education and poverty.

According to Supervisor of Community Engagement Julie Bercik, she says that the event was set up by a man who travels the world to spread the message of peace and global unity.

The students were able to answer questions from the students in India and Poland students were able to ask questions as well.

“The most interesting, I feel, is that we all have similar like-mindedness and we all think the same,” said Poland 8th grader Noah Dearing.

Poland Middle School’s Counselor Mary Jo Rowan said, “It’s all about reaching out, making connections with other cultures, with other people and making your community feel like an inclusive setting.”

The Skype session was part of the middle school’s pursuit in the Capture-Kindness Month.


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