Act of kindness saves special photo shoot

A small act of kindness at a Fountain Starbucks saved a Falcon High School student’s chance to take her senior pictures Sunday.

Senior photos are special for every teenager, but especially for Sydney Johansson.

“Her mom never thought she would have this experience,” said Jessica Vallia, a family friend and the photographer who took Sydney’s photos.

Sydney has Cerebral Palsy, she’s deaf, she can’t talk, can’t sit up alone and she’s about to have a major surgery.

“Rescheduling was not an option,” continued Jessica.

Unfortunately, torrential rains washed out the photo shoot, “It was pouring,” said Laura Johansson, Sydney’s mother.

Thinking quickly, the group turned to a nearby Starbucks with a question, “You guys can tell me to take a hike, but can we please come in and take some pictures?”

The answer was yes and employees immediately helped. One employee dashed out into the rain with an umbrella,

“I was there to help, I wasn’t there to take care of myself, ” commented Chris Lopez, a Starbucks employee.

All because it was the right thing to do.

“I just want them to be confident going anywhere, knowing there are people who will help,” Chris said.

Once everyone was inside and dried off, employees and customers pitched in, making signs and making sure this photo shoot was one to remember.

“I was blown away, astounded, amazed, it’s incredible, it’s incredible,” said Mrs. Johansson.


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