RTC bus driver performs random act of kindness for 92-year-old man

It was a random act of kindness that almost went unnoticed — the good-deed-doer thought no one was looking.

But someone was.

For the last five years, Mike Blair has been a bus driver for the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada. Blair is contracted by Keolis.

“I do enjoy my job,” said Mike Blair.

On Monday, he noticed the unbearable summer heat.

“It had to be smoking hot out there. Had to have been 110,” noted Blair.

As temperatures climbed into the triple digits, a 92-year-old stranger caught his eye.

“This one gentleman, he didn’t board and he seemed like he started to grasp the wall there,” explained Blair. “I got him, sat down and I said, boy I gotta do something else. I had a bottle of water I brought in my lunchbox, so I got my lunch box out and gave him the bottle of water.”

The random act of kindness got the attention of another bus rider who snapped a photo.

“I didn’t know they had taken the picture,” said Blair with a laugh.

The picture was posted on Twitter. @LasVegasLocally picked up the photo and the rest is history. As of Wednesday, the photo had been shared hundreds of times.

“It’s amazing. Simply amazing,” noted Blair.

But it wasn’t shared on Twitter by Blair. He’s not on Twitter.

News 3 asked Blair if he knew much about Twitter.

“No,” he replied, adding that he had never even been on Twitter.

“I guess I might have to learn how to do Twitter,” he said with a laugh.

Blair said he found out about the photo through a phone call from his boss.

“I was like, oh God. What did I do now?” he asked.

Francis Julien, the general manager for Keolis, said he couldn’t be prouder of Blair for his thoughtful action.

“Michael is actually a really, really good driver. Never got into any trouble, so it’s actually funny he thought he could be in any kind of trouble,” said Julien.

A man in need got some much needed help, thanks to a bus driver, who chose to care.

“As he got off the bus, he said thank you, you know, I’m 92 years old,” said Blair. “Simply amazed.”


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