Local student honored by school board for act of kindness

School supplies are necessary for students as they start the new school year, but they can be expensive. So, one local elementary school student came up with a plan to help out as many of her classmates as she could.

For Buck Lake Elementary 5th grader Suzanna Barrentine, she had no idea what would happen when she decided to help her fellow classmates.

A few weeks back, Suzanna put on a car wash. After it was all over, she had helped wash around 30 cars and raised $300. She then used that money to purchase school supplies.

“We got binders, paper, pencils, pencil boxes,” she said.

She took the shopping cart full of supplies and donated them to a local Stuff the Bus fundraiser.

“I think she inspires and people who do things like that certainly inspire all of us to come up a little higher,” said Rebecca Harden.

For Suzanna’s parents, they said they could not be more proud of her.

“She’s got such a big heart and she tries to help and it was all her. It’s what she wanted to do, we were just there for support,” said Jason Barrentine, her father.

The surprise did not stay that way for long. On Tuesday evening, Suzanna was honored at the Leon County School Board meeting, even getting a chance to speak with Superintendent Rocky Hanna.

“They asked me what all the charities and stuff I did…it was, it was good,” she said.

For Suzanna, she said this will not be the end of her charitable acts.

“I want to keep doing charities and come up with more ideas,” said Suzanna.

During the school board meeting, she also had the opportunity to lead the room in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.


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