Hernando Middle School students start kindness initiative

At Hernando Middle School, a group of students is trying to spread it to the more than 1,000 students there.

Students at Hernando Middle School start arriving at school around 6:45 a.m., but a small group of kids gets there even earlier to make sure they’re in place to greet everyone who comes through the doors at the start of the day.

A group of eighth and seventh graders has started a kindness initiative. They greet all their classmates with smiles, good mornings and of course, high fives.

“Even though people give really hard high fives, it means they’re enthusiastic for school,” said eighth-grader Rose Stafford.

Some students had seen similar things being done in other areas of the country. They hope others around the world are now inspired by what they’re doing.

“We can help by standing at the door and greeting people and spreading that love,” said eighth-grader Peyton Rials.

“We try really hard to educate the whole child at Hernando Middle School,” said Hernando Middle School Principal Jerry Floate. “We try to educate them academically socially emotionally and behaviorally.”

The kindness initiative has become part of a larger group called the Community Awareness Club.

It’s a new club at the middle school, thought up by two teachers, where students are taught to use their passions for good.

“It is about spreading kindness, but it’s also about what needs to be done in our community, and in our school,” said Hernando Middle School teacher Lindsey Jones. “So whether it’s looking at our parks or our neighborhoods.”

More than 40 kids were at the Community Awareness Club’s first meeting. Kids have different reasons for joining, including just listening to mom.

“Ever since first grade, she’s told me to go make the world a better place,” said seventh-grader Cody Eaton. “Once I heard about this club, I decided it was time.”


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