Students Prove That “Kindness Rocks”

They could show up just about anywhere. On the sidewalk, in a parking lot, on a supermarket shelf. And if they make you smile, they’ve done their job.

“Why not sprinkle some color and some kindness on them and really spread the cheer by something you can find anywhere,” Abby Heimer asked.

Few things are more unspectacular than a rock. But maybe the key to turning something forgettable into something memorable is in what you do with it.

“Kindness rocks are rocks that are painted with kind words and encouraging sayings that will be passed throughout the community just for people to find and cheer someone’s day,” said Abby Heimer with Wealth management Solutions – Ameriprise Financial.

Students Prove That “Kindness Rocks”

It’s the group that’s promoting the project.

And on Thursday, the kids at Holton Intermediate school in Austin had a chance to spread the cheer.

“I wrote lovely because people are lovely and they don’t even know it,” one Holton student told us.

“Stay true to yourself,” said another, “because it really doesn’t matter what other people think. it’s about what you think of yourself mostly.”

And from a third: “I wrote be happy because everyone needs cheering up in life.”

“I think with back to school it’s just a reminder to be kind to each other,” Abby Heimer said. “You never know what anyone else is going through so it’s always nice if you can brighten someone’s day by doing something simple like painting a rock and having someone find it.”


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