Students’ acts of kindness set good example

Understanding the importance of lending a hand, of helping others in need, is something everyone should know. But, it’s a particularly good lesson for children to learn early — to set a foundation of kindness and generosity.

Some elementary school students recently demonstrated why that is, and how the positive impact of helping has no age parameters.

ABC-Stewart school students in Grades 1-6 recently raised nearly $1,000 through a community service project to help children who are less fortunate have a brighter holiday season. They used the money to buy gifts for nine children served by the United Way of Bartholomew County.

The students brought the gifts back to school, where they wrapped them prior to the gifts being taken to the United Way. The students also made holiday cards.

The project resonated with the students.

“It feels good to give a gift than to receive one,” sixth-grader Sam Gupta said.

That sentiment was also expressed by the actions of 10-year-old Teddy Littrell, a fifth-grader at Southside Elementary. He came up with the idea to spread holiday cheer for nursing home residents by creating homemade Christmas cards and pairing them with warm socks. Littrell called the project Santa’s Socks and Sweets.

The gifts were delivered recently by Littrell and willing family and friends. Not only did the gifts warm the hearts of the nursing home residents, but helped heal the hearts of family members who have been saddened by the loss of an uncle a little more than four years ago.

What the students did was put a smile on the recipients of the gifts and lift their hearts during the holiday season, and show that it can be better to give than to receive.

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