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Rock giants Foo Fighters overwhelm Cornish teenager with huge act of kindness

Chloe Salfield, 18, from Truro, was one of the speakers at TEDxTruro in October last year, joining international sensory...

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High school students skip field trip, share random acts of kindness instead

What was supposed to be a field trip day for a group of high school students, turned into a...

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Troy Area Schools kindness campaign

There’s a famous saying, ” An act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” Doug Ulkins, who...

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A student uncovered a secret act of kindness from nearly a decade ago

A nearly decade-old act of kindness is going viral after it was uncovered by a student. Jacques Ruffin from...

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‘Photo studio’ for migrant workers recognised at Kindness Carnival

When Miss Harriet Koh greeted a migrant worker who was trimming plants in Hong Lim Park, he thanked her...

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Painted stones aim for kindness

For David, it took five smooth stones to change a nation and defeat Goliath. Denise Liby’s class has 19...

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