Episode 147 – Spilling Beverages, Feeling Nostalgic, Riddles For Kids

Welcome to the Kindness Project, the podcast designed to share stories of kindness and share how kindness can make positive change in our world, one small act at a time.

In this week’s episode we talked about Spilling Beverages, Feeling Nostalgic, Riddles for Kids

Kindness Intro Chat

Question of the Podcast 1:59

Spilling Beverages 2:20

Feeling Nostalgic 4:23

Riddles for Kids 7:20

Dave Forsdyke’s Silver Linings

The Shows Must Go On! 13:20

Golf Holiday 13:40

The Bumble Bee Conservation Trust 14:12


Kindness Stories

Dad Drives 1,100 Miles Just to Surprise Daughter With 30-Minute Socially Distant Birthday Lunch 17:28

IKEA Released Instructions on How to Build the 6 Best Blanket Forts For Your Home Quarantine 19:39

With Penguins Missing Visitors Amidst Zoo Closure, Museum Takes Them on Adorable Cultural Field Trip 21:43

Listeners Stories

Q. What’s the first place country you’re planning to visit when Lockdown is over?

Steve Dann 26:44

Russell Daems 26:57

John Cook 27:10

Caroline Thompson 27:14

Mark O’Halloran 27:22

Alan Cass 27:30

Tracey Daems 27:33

Alison Hagon 27:36

Demi Nurse 27:41

Nick Ramsden 27:46

Louise McNamee 28:05

Dean Cook 28:23

Tony Slimmings 28:28

Eve Keith 28:31

Erik 28:36

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