Episode 5 – Why being cool is not that cool, Question of the week and Apps to help you become more kind.

In today’s episode we talked about why being cool is not that cool, question of the week, kindness news and apps to help you become more kind.

Kindness Intro Chat

Technology 0:37

Cool kids 1:04

Question of the week 3:07

Our most inspiring movie ever 3:35

Nicolas Cage 8:47

Kindness News

Mum Who Cradled Stranger’s Baby On A Flight Urges Others To ‘Be Kind’ And Help Others In Need 10:56

Kindness Story

Apps to help you become kinder 13:54

Acts of Kindness App 14:08

iPhone or iPad

Be My Eyes – Helping the blind App 15:01


iPhone or iPad


Facebook – Pay It Forward 22:27

My Digital Problem Solver 26:11

iPhone or iPad


Other apps not mentioned in this episode

Random app of kindness


iPhone or iPad


Acts of Random Kindness app


iPhone or iPad

Nobly – The Acts of Kindness app

iPhone or iPad


Listeners Stories

Answers to last week’s question of the podcast 27:50

Phil Billingham 28:53

Matthew Walne 30:15

@Plannergrrrl 31:02

Martin McNamara 31:19

@mrsstoves 32:26

Martin Stewart 32:44

Darren Cooke 33:12

Richard Ellis 33:28

Fiona Sharp 33:44

Your stories of kindness 35:25

Ian Else 35:30

You can also find us on Twitter @holakindness and Facebook The Kindness Project, we would love to hear your kindness story’s so please get in touch!

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