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Welcome to the kindness project. An audio exploration of how we can all be a little bit kinder to each other. Hosted by father and daughter team Chris and Charlotte.

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    Episode 117 – Insta Cheerleader, Pleasurable Podcasts, Tangerine Fan Club

    Welcome to the Kindness Project, the podcast designed to share stories of kindness and share how kindness can make positive change in our world, one small act at a time.

    In this week’s episode we talked about Insta Cheerleader, Pleasurable Podcasts, Tangerine Fan Club

    Kindness Intro Chat

    Insta Cheerleader 1:14

    Question of the podcast 3:04

    Pleasurable Podcasts 4:00

    Tangerine Fan Club 7:24

    Small Business Shoutout

    Village Blooms Ltd 12:16

    Katherine Phillips 13:28

    Stephanie Livesey 14:12

    Secret Hamper 14:34

    David Forsdyke’s Silver Linings

    In Sevenoaks the local authority have suspended parking charges so residents don’t have to worry about paying if they need to go out for essential supplies 16:40

    Geri and Anthony American broadcasters for good news network have a daily podcast 17:10

    Emmanual Croydon live streamed there 10am morning service from behind closed door, some members of the church family flung the doors open and turned it up loud 17:32

    Listeners Stories

    Trev Robinson 18:18

    Hazel Grace 18:26

    Mark O’Halloran 18:30

    Tracy Foy 18:41

    Alison Hagon 19:00

    Russell Daems 19:34

    Katie Bragoli 19:41

    Al McCann 20:15

    John Cook 20:36

    Roberta White 20:40

    Debbie Davidson 20:46

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