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Welcome to the kindness project. An audio exploration of how we can all be a little bit kinder to each other. Hosted by father and daughter team Chris and Charlotte.

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    Episode 120 – Oblivious Housemates, Lockdown Playlists, Black Market Confectionery

    Welcome to the Kindness Project, the podcast designed to share stories of kindness and share how kindness can make positive change in our world, one small act at a time.

    In this week’s episode we talked about Oblivious Housemates, Lockdown Playlists, Black Market Confectionery

    Kindness Intro Chat

    Oblivious Housemates 0:34

    Question of the Podcast 3:16

    Lockdown Playlists 3:25

    Black Market Confectionery 6:27

    Small Business Shoutout

    Lee HarrisPST Group 12:18

    NHS Volunteer Scheme 13:45

    David Forsdyke’s Silver Lining

    UK app aims to help researchers track spread of coronavirus 20:30

    Join Zoe

    And the People Stayed Home 21:12

    Episode of the Day

    Episode 46 – Beryl Barry, Travel and we have part 2 of our interview with Lucy Pattrick from Tapestry 24:25

    Episode 103 – Barry and Beryl returns, The Kindness Project at two and we have the best introductions of 2019

    Listeners Stories

    Al McCann 25:12

    Dean Grant 25:26

    Justin Gaffney 25:52

    John Charman 26:00

    Karina Marais 26:07

    Deborah Myers 26:10

    Roberta White 26:18

    Lee Harris 26:22

    Frances Barrett 26:26

    Haidee Ball 26:30

    Alan Cass 26:35

    Kathryn Knowles 26:40

    Mrs Stoves 27:03

    Jiten Varsani 27:14

    Chris Budd 27:30

    Dawn Kirk 27:49

    David Forsdyke 27:52

    John Cook 28:18

    Carol Staunton 28:23

    Slipway 29:12

    Arbroath Smokie immortalised in song 29:55

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