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Welcome to the kindness project. An audio exploration of how we can all be a little bit kinder to each other. Hosted by father and daughter team Chris and Charlotte.

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    Episode 200 – Three Peaks, Brighton and we have part 3 of our interview with Mark Halls from FirstStep

    Welcome to the Kindness Project, the podcast designed to share stories of kindness and share how kindness can make positive change in our world, one small act at a time.

    In this week’s episode we talked about Three Peaks, Brighton and we have part 3 of our interview with Mark Halls from FirstStep

    Kindness Intro Chat

    Three Peaks 1:09

    Brighton 2:33

    Question of the Podcast 5:28

    Kindness News

    Why kindness matters in later life – Josh’s story 7:56

    Thousands Offer to Host Tiny Homes and their Homeless Residents in Their Own Seattle Backyards 11:00


    we have part 3 of our interview with Mark Halls from FirstStep 13:16

    Answers to last weeks question of the podcast

    What’s the next thing you want to tick off your bucket list?

    Twitter answers:- https://twitter.com/ChrisDaems/status/1451961014887518211

    Facebook answers:- https://www.facebook.com/Christopher.Daems/posts/10157979591526603

    John Cook – Shouting “bollocks” off the top of the Eiffel Tower. 43:04

    Pádraig Floyd – Don’t have a bucket list. – Chris Daems No, I think it’s daft. I know most people don’t have an actual list. There are things I want to do and hope I am able. There are other things I would like to do, but know it is unlikely I shall. One thing I NEVER want to do – except for the fjords, from the point of sheer accessibility – is go on a cruise. Also, what happens if you complete your list? 43:07

    Ian Else – Rowing the Atlantic 43:18

    Victoria Ellis – Travel Texas! 43:22

    Alison Hagon – Reykjavik Half Marathon – Chris Daems 2021 was cancelled but its held late August. I’m doing a 10k night run in Berlin in July next year. Cheap to enter-the flights,hotel,time off work etc not so much.. 43:25.

    David Hearne – Having my comment read out on a podcast 43:30

    Nadene Stevenson – Winning a humungous amount of money! 43:43

    Danielle Sewell – It’s a super simple one, but I really want to eat Chinese out of a box with chop sticks. Like they do in the USA xx 43:58

    Emma Stevens Tangye – Diving head first off the 5m diving board! (I’m having lessons!) at Harrow Lodge 43:55

    Victor Sacks – Having a podcast, Pizza Oven and a Tesl…. No..pizza Oven and podcast will do! 44:02

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