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Welcome to the kindness project. An audio exploration of how we can all be a little bit kinder to each other. Hosted by father and daughter team Chris and Charlotte.

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    Episode 214 – Hats, Famous Quotes and we have part 1 of our interview with Lisa Cable from Radfield Care Home

    Welcome to the Kindness Project, the podcast designed to share stories of kindness and share how kindness can make positive change in our world, one small act at a time.

    In this week’s episode we talked about Hats, Famous Quotes and we have part 1 of our interview with Lisa Cable from Radfield Care Home

    Kindness Intro Chat

    Hats 0:53

    Question of the Podcast 10:39

    Famous Quotes 11:00

    Kindness News

    High School Athletes Shovel Snow For Their Neighbors as Special Weightlifting Assignment for Football Team 14:28

    UK Supermarket Waitrose Helps Fight Hunger And Food Waste In New Scheme 16:09


    we have part 1 of our interview with Lisa Cable from Radfield Care Home 19:19

    Answers to last week’s question of the podcast

    What’s your favourite Canned Drink?

    Charlotte and I both love Lilt and it’s totally tropical taste!

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Christopher.Daems/posts/10158125305646603

    David Forsdyke – Ting 44:42

    Keely Bedding – Cherry 7up just takes me right back to my youth❤️ 45:03

    David Bowley – Cherry coke is my all time favourite 45:05

    Eve Keith – Rio 45:08

    Ricky Addy – San Miguel 45:10

    Tam Caine – Love Lilt but have you tried a Rubicon? I think perhaps even better 🤔 45:13

    Serena Van Der Meulen-Taylor – Diet Coke! 45:28

    Alison Hagon – Cream soda. 45:30

    Carol Staunton – Rio 45:35

    John Cook – Breda 45:37

    Sharon Hirsch – Can it be an alcoholic one 😂? – Chris Daems – Sharon Hirsch You choose! I won’t judge…much! 😂 – Chris I’m going with Kopperberg then 😂 45:42

    Kusal Ariyawansa – Fever Tree 45:47

    Gemma Playford – Cherry coke 45:51

    Brian Hill – A can of whoopass 45:53

    Sandra Connington – I don’t drink canned drinks but I agree with Kusal I like Fever Tree with Gin. 46:06

    Caroline Thompson – Orange Fanta, especially on a hot day 46:12

    Emma Stevens Tangye – Diet Coke Lime 46:14

    Stacey Keen – For me it is cherry coke, dr pepper. Lovely. 😋 46:19

    Justin Gaffney – Old Jamaican Ginger Beer! 46:22

    Carol Hussey – No fizzy drinks for me, ever, unless it’s tonic 😂 So I’ll have a can of G&T please. 46:28

    Pádraig Floyd – Cariba, Actually, I had chinotto in Italy and I rather like its bittersweet taste. 46:34

    Nicola Taylor – Diet coke 46:39

    Karen Leighton – Fizzy Ribena! 46:41

    Steve Chilton – San Pellegrino Blood Orange 46:44

    Mandy Medlock – Pepsi max 47:00

    Karina Marais – Milo 47:02

    Ian Braysher – I’m surprised no-one’s said IrnBru yet. 47:06

    Benjamin Fox – Cream Soda and Tab Clear 47:11

    Joshua Cartwright – Root beer and cream soda 47:14

    Lorraine Hornsby – San Pellegrino Blood Orange 47:19

    Johnny Hall – Bing that’s a blast from the past 😂 47:23

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