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Welcome to the kindness project. An audio exploration of how we can all be a little bit kinder to each other. Hosted by father and daughter team Chris and Charlotte.

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    Episode 218 – Coffee, Norwich and we have part 1 of our interview with Steve Dixon from Sycamore Trust

    Welcome to the Kindness Project, the podcast designed to share stories of kindness and share how kindness can make positive change in our world, one small act at a time.

    In this week’s episode we talked about Coffee, Norwich and we have part 1 of our interview with Steve Dixon from Sycamore Trust

    Kindness Intro Chat

    Coffee 3:30

    Question of the Podcast 6:03

    Norwich 13:44

    Kindness News

    Teenager’s daily acts of kindness lead to foundation launch 19:00

    80-Year-old Man Walks Through Blizzard to Rescue 3 Cars of People 22:15


    we have part 1 of our interview with Steve Dixon from Sycamore Trust 25:25

    Answers to last weeks question of the podcast

    What’s the best game you played as a kid?

    I’ll go first – British Bulldog! and the countless house spent playing various games on my commodore 64!

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Christopher.Daems/posts/10158167376971603

    Mark O’Halloran – Run out 47:21

    Deborah Myers – French skipping, kerbsies and (slightly ashamed to say) knock down ginger! 47:24

    Russell Daems – Swos xx it was a great game. I don’t really remember playing outdoor games much 47:33

    Sandra Connington – Elastics, peevers (hop scotch to the non-scottish members), kerbie, bellies (for the non-sottish, that might be the same as French skipping?) and of course Haggis chasing 48:09

    The original TV tennis game (can’t remember its name) – it was on a black screen and there were white paddles and a white bling ball. Im sure there is someone as old as me that knows this one.

    Alice Joy – 40/40 48:29

    Steve Dann – Kiss chase 48:32

    Paul Middleton –  Chainy-he (where you could only be caught/tagged by a chain of people), the best game of school was ‘Pirate’ in the school gym, you were not allowed to touch the floor while escaping the two people who were ‘it’ 48:35

    Chris Haycock – Jet Set Willy (ZX Spectrum)  48:48

    Marc Eccles – Same British bulldog but I was space invaders Atari for hours and hours and hours 48:57

    Emma Stevens Tangye – Manic Miner on the Commodore 64. And ‘elastics’, i.e. French skipping. And making dens out of blankets, tables, pegs, clothes horses, etc. 49:02

    Justin Gaffney – Monopoly! Always the ship and sailed to victory most games! 49:16

    Mark Bartley – Nah my zx spectrum 128 k lol back in the day what memories. 49:18

    Jade Foster-Jerrett – Tin can alley 49:23

    Chris Thomas – Anything with a pack of playing cards. I still carry a set with me anytime I travel. (Coincidentally the same as Phileas Fogg going around the world in 80 days.) 49:25

    Nicola Taylor – French skipping 49:38

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