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Welcome to the kindness project. An audio exploration of how we can all be a little bit kinder to each other. Hosted by father and daughter team Chris and Charlotte.

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    Episode 116 – #NannyAnn, Lockdown Literacy and we have part 2 of our interview with Deana Gao

    In this week’s episode we talked about #NannyAnn, Lockdown Literacy and we have part 2 of our interview with Deana Gao

    Kindness Intro Chat

    Question of the podcast 5:06

    #NannyAnn 6:47

    Lockdown Literacy 9:57

    Small Business Shout-out 11:27

    Doctor Domestic Plus limited 14:14

    Frances Barrett 14:38

    Guided Learning Ltd 15:05

    Chris Laney 15:23

    Tandoori Lounge 15:38

    Michelle Duckett 15:59

    Squad Fitness 16:14

    Stephen Donovan 16:22

    Tess Griggs 16:54

    Peter Marino 17:17

    David Forsdyke’s Silver Linings 19:00

    School in Gilford on their last day came dressed in prom dresses and suits 19:37

    A village in Hampshire created a residents buddy system, all those over 60 that are self isolating have somebody under 60 checking in on them regularly 20:27

    Facebook has a Coronavirus Support Network page. It could prove useful for those who need help. 20:46

    Gary Neville and Ryan Giggs have opened their hotels to NHS staff for free 21:01

    – Loads of Fitness and Yoga pages are providing free online classes so we can all stay healthy while we’re at home 21:15

    Just google ‘free online yoga class’ or ‘Free online workout’ and you’ll find loads!

    Two examples

    Yoga: Do Yoga With Me

    Workout: P.E with Joe

    Domino’s giving away free pizza to all NHS workers this Friday 21:20

    Kindness Story

    we have part 2 of our interview with Deana Gao 21:41

    Listeners Stories

    Hazel Grace 44:54

    Alison Hagon 45:00

    Rachael Fennessey 45:09

    Al McCann 45:13

    Frances Barrett 45:18

    Annie Flowers 45:51

    Judith Hitchings 45:55

    Haidee Ball 46:00

    Phil Bray 45:21

    Serena Van Der Meulen-Taylor 47:02

    Eve Keith 47:37

    Tess Griggs 48:18

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